The word freedom speaks for itself, it speaks with its symbols, it speaks in all the languages of the world.
Ghandi its undisputed representative in the world, the statue of liberty the most famous symbol in the world, the horse actor of the series "Brave Stallion" the force of nature, the eagle characterizes a particular robustness and physical prowess.


On a planet accelerated by unnatural human-caused effects, staying calm and doing things at the right times represents nature.
Keepcalmize wants to play down the concept and make it fun.


Freemasonry is the cradle of symbolism.
The symbol has always been assimilated to a great energy power.

The Greek alphabet dates back to the 9th century BC; derives from the Phoenician alphabet, in which each sign was associated with a sound. In turn, the same signs of the Phoenician alphabet would derive from a simplification of some Egyptian hieroglyphs.